Creative Writing – Losing a Friend Hurts


Text Idea: Emma and her best friend Alanah were in a tragic car crash with kills Alanah. Emma is left without her best friend. She finds it hard to cope with the tricks her own mind is playing on her.

Text Type: Creative Writing

Purpose: To draw emotion from the reader around the events and characters.

Title: Losing a Friend Hurts

Losing a Friend Hurts

I lie here in the hospital bed, it’s just Alanah and me. Running, swimming, cycling, skating. Laughing, playing, messing about together, ever since forever began. Except forever’s finished. Alanah’s not here anymore. It’s just me.

I’m in a timeless zone where a swirling darkness fiercely pulls me this way and that. All I am left with are shadows of Alanah running circles in my mind and crisp white patches plastered over my injured eyes. This morning a car accident killed my best friend and left me here to listen painfully as the deafening ring of the hospital, buzzes around my head leaving me no space to cry.

All I remember is my face cut and bleeding. Whispers would slice into my brain like a sharp silver knife. Glass sparkled while lying scattered over the ground. Long pale shards violently ripped the sun’s light away from me. The blood dripped from my eyes, sliding through my fingers, as Alanah lifelessly slumped beside me.

I effortlessly swim in the darkness of my head. Alanah’s laughter an echo. Long slow strokes, the water is warm. It tastes like salty tears. You can’t catch me. Emma can’t catch a flea. The sound of Alanah’s voice floats me to the surface, I feel my eyes still covered and a row of rough, neat stitches down one side of my face.

“Emma, are you awake?” Inside I feel broken, bruised and battered. I don’t want to talk.

“Emma.” The softness of Mum’s voice, her gentle hands, and the sweet smell of her rose perfume brings me out of the danger of my own mind.

“She’s dead, isn’t she?” I asked.

No reply. Every time I asked about Alanah, no one tells me the truth. They would tell me how bits of glass had been taken from my eyes. Dad had told me they’d caught the person who caused the accident.

“Isn’t she?”  Apart of me already knows the answer. I just need to hear it said out loud. So that it could fully sink in.

“Mum? Dad?” Inside I want to scream. I want to be as far away from here as possible. Far from reality. Somewhere I can see Alanah.

“Yes,” Dad’s voice cut through the deathly silence.

You will never catch me, Emma. She can’t be dead, she’s right there. I can hear her voice and see her smiling face.

I feel myself rapidly slip into the darkness of my own mind again. I am no longer there. The voices in the room whisper as though they are shadows lost in the night, coming and going. Who are you, Emma? Where have you gone? You are lost. 

A tight uncomfortable feeling of loneliness hit me that night as I lay alone in my unbearable hospital bed. The overwhelming sense of a horrific emptiness hung around me like a bad smell, leaving me feeling alone and confused. I was powerless. I had lost my best friend, someone I loved. Now I began to lose myself within my own mind.


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