Letter E

Having a positive attitude about your sexual orientation and identity is difficult. Learning who you are is hard because there is so many influences around you. Through out the year there has become more pressure on teenagers to be ‘perfect’ and ‘normal’ because of the expectation shown by the media. The subject of sexual orientation is becoming more and more relevant as counties such as our own, New Zealand introduce legalising gay marriage. Sexual orientation effect teenage the most as they are still learnt who they are and where they fit in, in society. An individual should have the right to choose there own identity with out pressure from other factors. You should be allowed to be who you want. However not everyone respects other people’s personal choices, also some people need help working who they are while staying in a positive light. This is where support strategies come in. Manaki Orewa is a practice set up to promote respect for the people around you, yourself and the environment. Also counselling, which is offer to people of all ages, it there to give you someone to turn and someone to talk to. Family Planning and Rainbow Youth are two very good counselling services open to the public. Rainbow youth is a charitable organisation dedicated to help out people between the ages of 13-28 years old that may not be heterosexual. It is a drop-in centre that is open Monday to Friday. Not only do they have a drop-in centre they also offer social support groups where they organise a get together for youth members to socialise in a safe environment. These are interconnected because they are designed to help you maintain a positive attitude and are there to help people from all kind of backgrounds. There is a wide range of different sexualities. Your sexual orientation is how you view yourself mentally. These are also interconnected to develop your opinions and values about sexual orientation. Heterosexual is been attracted to a person of the opposite sex. Homosexual is been attracted to a person of the same sex. Bisexual is been attracted to both sexes. Society should be pressuring people into having a curtain sexuality, people and teenagers should be able to feel comfortable about expressing there own identity. To achieve this a starting point would be to use strategies such as Manaki in the wider community to help people understand that everyone has rights and responsibilities. Also ensuring there are councillors available to everyone no mater there background or problem. By attending counselling session and using Manaki it will help you open up and learn to talk to people about your feelings and how embrace who you are. For people who are confused about their sexual orientation the interconnection between these will help them to open up and talk to people who are going through the same struggles as you. You will learn more about yourself and become a lot more comfortable with the idea of who you are. You will be able to start to gain new insight to how common your problems are and that there is help out there for you. You will start to be able to maintain a positive attitude about yourself and others. It is very important that people having a tough time dealing with the harsh reality of society, use the support strategies available to them.


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