Letter D

Hi Liz, thank you for your letter, I hope I am able to help you solve the problem you are facing in your life. I hope you will be able to make a positive decision that will help you in the near and distant future. First off I would like to say don’t listen to people at your school. The people who choose to pick on you will generally not understand your situation and are just out looking for attention. Orewa College promotes a practice called Manaki Orewa, which is set up to promote positive attitudes and behaviours towards people in the school and wider community. This was set up to help ensure that students had respect for themselves, respect for others and respect for the environment. The few students who are giving you a hard time at school are clearly lacking in respect for others, been yourself. I would suggest you talk to a teacher/dean at the school who may be able to remind the students about Manaki, and hopefully put an end to the problem. It’s important that this is solved not only for your self esteem and to make life more comfortable for you but, The Human Rights Act 1993 makes it unlawful to discriminate, either directly or indirectly, against a person on the grounds of their sexual orientation. Meaning both your mums and you have the right to be treated the same as any other person, no matter what there sexual orientation. Also everybody else has the responsibility to respect you for you. There are also several good support strategies that will be able to help you over come your issue. These been school based councillors, family planning, rape crisis just to name a few. I would highly recommend starting at your school based councillors, there they will be able talk through your problems, offer advice, and direct you down the right path. Family Planning is also a very good place to go for support. They promote a positive view of sexuality and will also be able to provide information and advice to you so you can make informed choices about your sexual and reproductive health and well-being. With Manaki and by using these support strategies you will be able to enhance your well-being. Your spiritual Hauora will change as by taking the initiative and getting your self help, you will know that in the future you will be able to do what is right for your well-being. Mental and emotional Hauroa that you hold will also be enhanced by seeking help from others in your community, as they will be there for you to offer advice and knowledge to keep your feelings and mind in a safe and healthy state. Your social Hauora will also be dramatically improve because by talking thing through with someone you will be able to hopefully come to the conclusion on how to positively react to the students giving you a hard time at school. This will hopefully help sort out your issue. Finally your physical Hauora it will also enhance as by going to see a councillor you will feel more comfortable been yourself. I hope that this has been helpful to you and that you will now be able to seek help form a support strategy. If you have further problem don’t hesitate to send me another letter! All the best for the future, I hope you have a positive out come.

Agony Aunt


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