Letter C

Hi Polly, I’m very sorry to hear your news, however I hope the information/advice I am about to offer you will help you to resolve your issues easier. Your next step would be to get a check up. If you have had intercourse with William there is a chance you should also have Chlamydia, and may need to get treatment. Say in the worst case you do have Chlamydia it’s important you tell your parents and they will hopefully be there to support you. Facing things such as having a STI’s, in yours and Williams case Chlamydia is a very big bump to face in life. That’s why I’d suggest some form of community based support systems in your local area to help you to stay in positive light and to over come this problem. You could start with the school health nurse, they offer advice an will be able to refer you to a family planning nurse. However you may decided to go straight to a family planning nurse in your community. In Orewa I would recommend Family Planning Clinic at The Hibiscus Coast Youth Centre, 214 Hibiscus Highway Orewa. Here they will be able to offer advice on contraception and STI’s, refer you to the doctor for STI tests, have a drop in clinic, no appointment needed. Also keep in mind the councillors your school provides, if you are having a hard time dealing with what is going on I would recommend setting up an appointment. This way you will be able to talk about how you are feeling and coping and they will be able to offer advice and help you through. You can always trust that they will keep things confidential and private. Having Chlamydia will effect your well-being in both positive and negative ways. Your physical well-being will be effected because it’s disease, meaning your health won’t be 100%. Your spiritual well-being will be effected as creating positive goal in the future may become hard for your relationship. Mental and emotional well-being will be effect as if it gets out around your school that William has an STI, you may become bullied and become very upset. Finally your social well being will be effect as your friends may start to tease you in and out of school, this isn’t a very nice experience to go through. I hope the information I have given you will help you and William to sort trough you problems and come out still having a positive relationship. Please feel free to contact me again if you are having further issues.


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