Write 1 diary entry from the perspective of one of the characters following a significant event in the film.

Dear diary,
Today was a very stressful day, to start my day I logged onto E harmony and found Cheryl’s page, I tried to send her a wink but it wouldn’t work, then I phoned them while I was a the train station waiting to catch the train to get to work, I zoned out whilst on the phone and missed my train. I arrived late to work and found out that Life Magazine was going on line and I could loose my job, to make matters worse the guy that was taking over, Ted, is a dick and is so rude to me. Sean sent a new set of negatives and told me in his letter that he would like slide 25 to be the last Life Magazines cover, so I took the negatives out and just to make my day that little but worse it was missing, I asked Hernando if he knew where is was and he didn’t. Currently I have Hernando searching the whole office trying to find it. I’d have to say I’m glad today is over.


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