Analyse the information you have gathered so far to decide what you think the director’s purpose was in each of the 4 scenes in your viewing log.

The piano scene – This scene involves Walter Mitty and his family Odessa Mitty and Mrs Mitty trying to find an apartment with a big enough lounge to fit the piano Walter’ Dad gave his Mum before he died. They also are packing up the mothers this and during this process the find a box fill of what Mrs Mitty called ‘my Walter box’. The directors purpose for including this scene was to introduce the Mitty family. We are getting to know the background of the family and more about the characters and there own past. It shows he had plans to do interesting things but he never ended up doing them. It also helps show how confident he is around his family. The directors intentions were to show the audience these things, to help them understand the characters.
Opening scene – the opening scene starts with Walter at his house doing so accounts the directors purposes of this is to show the viewer Walter’s account book with the logged dates and things he spends his money on. This helps the viewer start to understand Walter as a character. He then goes on eHarmany on Cheryl Melhoff’s page deciding weather or not to send her a wink. He is been fence, and indecisive. The directors intentions here would have been to show more of Walter’s personality ie. him been very unsure and not confident in himself. The director used a close up on Walter’s fingers on the keyboard to keep the scene interesting. The directors reason for using Walter’s house as the setting is to show his way of living, he is very neat and tidy. His apartment gas very plain and boring colours. The director uses a birds eye view shot to show this in depth. When he finally decides to send a wink it doesn’t work this shows irony. As he is waiting at the train stop he gets a call from Todd Mahar here the director is introducing an important character into the film. While talking on the phone Todd brings up Walter’s empty been there and done that section on his page “I haven’t really been anywhere noteworthy or mentionable”. Here the director is showing the viewers more things about Walter so they are able to understand him better. As he is talking to Todd the director brings in another aspect of Walter’s life his ‘zoning out’ in this instance he was day dreaming about saving Cheryl’s dog, the director uses slow motion a special effect when Walter jumps over the bridge then into fast ford as he goes flying into the window. When he comes back to reality he realises he has missed the train and Todd is on the phone still. From all this we learn more about Walter.

5a – This scene starts with an establishing shot of New York City to show the change in scene. The Mitty family selling the piano. The directors intentions of this would have been to show the audience how much the Mitty family rely on each other for support, also that until know they haven’t really been able to let there father who died go from there lives. The director uses a mid-shot which helps shot the audience the closeness of the family. Just as they are leaving Walters mum gives him the wallet that Sean gave him earlier in the film. The directors intentions for this are to help the audience understand the relationship between the two family members, they are very close and rely on each other a lot such as how Walter’s mum always saves his knick knacks.

5b – During this scene Walter take negative 25 to Ted in the Life online offices. The directors intentions in this part were to wrap things up in the film, but also to finish Walter’s story off and show the audience that he has more courage as he walks through the Life offices. Walter is now able to stand up to Ted, and for once Ted doesn’t know what to say. This is shown when instead of Ted telling Walter what to do Walter is stating facts to Ted “there’s your quintessence.” The main point of this scene is to show Walter now feel equal to Ted.


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