List 6 characters and their relationships with each other in the film.


Walter Mitty- Walter Mitty has a relationship with all of the characters on this list as he is the main character, he has friendly relationship with Cheryl which then developed into a romantic one. He has a strong family relationship with both his mother and his sister. Todd is the guy off E-Harmony and Walter has a verbal relationship with him to begin with and then he meets him towards the end if the movie. Ted his boss is rather horrible to Walter and they have a negative relationship with each other.
Dialogue- “I had this idea of who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do”

Cheryl Melhoff- Cheryl Melhoff has a relationship with Walter Mitty as stated before they have a friendship to start with which then developed into a romantic relationship towards the end of the movie.
Dialogue- “life is about courage and going into the unknown”

Odessa Mitty- Odessa Mitty has a brother sister relationship with Walter and also has a mother daughter relationship with Edna Mitty.
Dialogue- “strech Armstrong”

Edna Mitty- Edna Mitty has a relationship with both Walter and Odessa Mitty as they are her children, they are a very close family and let each other know what is happening in there lives. They feel like they can trust each other
Dialogue- “I always keep your nick nacks.”

Todd Mahar- Todd Mahar has a virtual relationship with Walter for the majority of the movie as they only talk over the phone. Todd works at e harmony which is an online dating website that Walter is using but his account doesn’t seem to be working, they don’t meet till the end of the movie as Walter gets into trouble with customs and Todd helps him out.
Dialogue- “how can I help you today”

Ted Hendricks- Ted Hendricks is the boss at life magazine and the charter the audience loves to hate. He is horrible to Walter and has no need to be but he doesn’t it to assert his dominance.
Dialogue- “hey, dream machine”


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