Describe ONE friendship that was important. Incorporate film techniques into your answer.

Odessa & Walter

An important friendship in the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is the friendship between Odessa Mitty and Walter Mitty. Walter and Odessa are brother and sister yet they hold a very important friendship throughout the film because it helps the reader understand more about Walter. For example early on in the film Odessa gives Walter Stretch Armstrong for his birthday, this shows the important friendship as the reader is able to understand that Odessa cares for Walter and puts in the effort to come up with a gift idea that will make him laugh and remember back to his childhood. “This was your favourite thing when we were little” is a quote from the film just as Odessa gives the toy to Walter it shows the close friendship they hold. During this scene the director uses a mid-body shot if the two characters so the audience can see the interaction between the two characters such as the way they stand close to each and the body language they use towards one another. From this the reader is able to see they are comfortable been around each other and hold a close friendship with is an important aspect to the film.


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