Well-being Task Sheet





Health Blog 12

Today was Saturday which is game day I had a college game and an important club game with umpiring inbetween. Because I had so much on that day, one thing I did to ensure I had energy all day and want tired for my club game was eat a really good breakfast and packed a healthy lunch. Due to not much practice during the week will such an important game I decided to get up early and put a few shots up before I left home for my first game. This helped me towards achieving my goal as I was able to get my eye and technique flowing before the game. A barrier I faced was not having a earlier night the night before meaning it was a struggle to get out of bed really early in the morning. An enabler that helped me to get out of bed an practice was that there was good weather and it wasn’t to cold.

Health Blog 11

Today as normal I had rep training in the evening. However I wasn’t able to practice my goals at all even in game situation as the whole training was fitness. We did play about 10mins of game but that wasn’t enough time to class it as shooting practice. This was unfortunate as I had games the next day and hadn’t had a proper chance to practice since Wednesday. This acted as a barrier as well as not having anytime after training due to homework. I didn’t have any enablers on this day.

Health Blog 10

Date: 3/07/14
Today I had planed to practice after school at home. However I was ask to come and fill in for some of the junior umpires at HBC. This meant I wasn’t at home. Although I was umpiring little kids for the afternoon I did have one round off and was able to fit on 10mins shooting practice before having to mentor another young umpire. I faced a few barriers today they were been asked to umpire on a day I don’t normally do, having to mentor other new umpires. One enabler was having the spare 10mins with nothing else to do.

Health Blog 9

Date: 2/07/14
Wednesday is the day I have two netball trainings on straight after school and one in the evening. As well as getting the chance to practice at training as I was early and had time before hand, that morning and through out the day had eaten good food that kept me going and awake. This meant I was able to focus during training and aim towards my goal of 90%+ shooting average. An enabler was eating good food and having training that night. I didn’t face any barriers as such.

Health Blog 8

Date: 1/07/14
Today after school my club coach had organised a ‘training’ game against another team. This may not have been straight goal shooting time but I was able to practice in game situation. The only barrier I faced was not been able to practice straight goal shooting because we were playing a game, however this was also and enabler as it helped me come closer to achieving my goal by giving me an idea of where I was at, and time to practice during a game. Other enablers were having the extra training time as we don’t normal train on a Tuesday. Also training inside a gym as the weather was bad.

Health Blog 7

Date: 30/06/14
Today after school I practiced outside at home on my own goal post. I put up about 300 shots during about 30mins. This would help towards my goal as more time I spend practicing means the better my shooting is on game day. There was one barrier that stopped me from practicing for long which was homework that needed to be done. Enablers where good weather, and having a charged iPod to listen to.