Health Blog 6

Date: 27/06/14
On this day I planned to practice at rep training when we played the other team as I hadn’t had time to practice all week due to heaps of homework, trainings been cancelled and bad weather. But unfortunately rep training was cancelled as to many of the players had stage challenge rehearsals. There were no enablers on this day. Barriers I faced were training been cancelled and bad weather meaning i couldn’t practice outside at home.


Health Blog 5

Date: 25/06/14
On this day I was meant to have 2 trainings one for school and one for club. For school training we had a white board training inside as there wasn’t a free gym and the weather was terrible. This meant I didn’t get a chance to practice. For club training we train inside but unfortunately training was cancelled for some reason. So again I wasn’t able to practice my goals. There were no enablers. Barriers were bad weather and practice been cancelled.

Health Blog 4

Date: 23/06/14
Today I was meant to practice after school but I never got the time to. There were no enablers as I wasn’t able to practice. The barriers I faced were the weather was terrible, also I had a week long economics internal and I need to spend time studying.

Health Blog 3

Date: 17/06/14
On Wednesday night I had two training sessions. After school training I stayed for an extra half an hour to practice my goals. Also later that night I had club training for 2 hours and for the last 30 mins we played a game which meant I could practice my shooting in a game situation. An enabler was been able to stay the extra 30 mins after training and having the chance to practice in game situation. These enablers meant I was guarantied practice time weather I could be bothered our not. A barrier was during the time after school training there were on and off rain showers which meant I couldn’t spend the hole 30 mins shooting.

Health Blog 2

Date: 17/06/14
Today after school I practiced at home for 45 mins. An enabler was that it wasn’t raining and I had no homework or anything else on. There wasn’t any barriers that I face d that day.

Health Blog 1

Date: 19/06/14
During class on the 19th I practice my goals in the school hoops. I mainly focused on the 2 pointers as I need to lift my percentage. A down side to doing this is when I missed I had know one to receive the ball for me and I spent a lot of time chasing the ball. An enabler was that durning that period I had nothing else to do so I did it to fill time. A barrier I faced was half way through the period it started raining and I had to come inside. There isn’t really any way I could have prevented this as I was the weather that affected me. I will just have to practice on a different day. This helped me towards my goal as my aim improved and in the game that weekend I only missed 3, 2 pointers out if the 7 I put up.