Short Story

Tears streaming down my face, I sit huddled in the back corner of my messy wardrobe. Life isn’t meant to be like this, I hear thumping and crashes coming up the stairwell.
“Lily darling where are you?” My fathers words slurred lazily from his lips like the beer did from the bottles not a moment ago. He’s drunk. When he’s drunk he is a horrible person.
“No no please no,” I quietly mumble. “Not again.”
“Lily come out,” he starts banging on the old fragile door. “Lily,” he yells his words slurred as he starts to fumble with the door handle. His heavy boots clunk against the wood floors my heart starts beating a mile a minute. The door flies open,
“Lily! Oh girl you have made me angry now,” he spits in my face. Pain shoots through my head as he drags me out of the wardrobe by my hair. His fist makes contact with a deafening WACK to my stomach. Numbing pain shoots through me, I struggle to catch my breathe as I choke on my own saliva. I slump on to the floor with black dots blurring my vision. Tears sting the corners of my eyes, but I blink them away. He kicks me in the side before stalking out of the room slamming the door as he went.
The next morning I slowly shifted in the bed, my body ached all over. Straining my ears for any sound that came from down stairs. Would he come back? He sounds angry still. Just as I was about to run for the bathroom I hear the front door open and close mum is home.
“Honey what happened?” Cries mum when she sees my body later that day after dad had gone. “Please tell me it wasn’t your father again?”
“Yes it was but I’m fine.”
“Oh lily I thought he had stopped, I’ll never leave you alone with him again.”
I gave her a smile and she pulled me in for a hug, I knew mum got abuse from him too as she was the first person he would go to after drinking. Dad was an angry drunk. Mum wouldn’t leave him because she though she could fix him, make him stop. But dad needed serious help, she just loved him too much to see that.
Later that night as I was lying in my bed I heard dad crash though the door. It was the last straw, I had dealt with this hatred for my whole life. Tears were silently streaming down my face as I reach for my school bag and open the zip. I was trying to be quiet even though I knew he was too drunk to notice. I packed clothes and a chocolate bar I found in my room until the bag was full.
The thought of leaving my mum alone with him came across my mind bringing me to tears.
“I can’t leave her with him,” I whispered to myself, sobbing. I feel more selfish than I ever had or will probably ever feel. Maybe if I go even just for a week it will make mum realise what he is doing to our family. This could be the light our family desperately needs.
“Please don’t let him hurt her,” I pray aloud to god that mum will be ok. I take a deep breath, open the shutters of my window with a creak and hop out, I climb down the gutter to the wet grass to finally be able to breath the fresh air. I run and don’t look back.
I pulled out my phone from the side pocket of my bag for some light when I became out of breath from the cold night air.
Where will I go? Contemplating whether or not to go back home to my warm bed.
After wandering the freezing streets for what seemed like all night, I come across a bus shelter with a dry bench that has not been hit by the early morning due, it is my best option till light, considering I am alone and tired.
Slowly opening my eyes the realisation of where I am hits me. My body is stiff and cold. Sitting up I look around trying to come up with a plan. Where can I go? Just as I was about to pick up my stuff and wonder down to the park, a bus comes flying out of know where and pulls up right in front of me. Shaking off the fright it gave me I turn and carry on walking down the lonely concrete path.
“Lily is that you?” I turn at the sound of the familiar voice.
There in the bus shelter where I had just spent one of the worst nights of my life stood my best friend.
“SAM!” I scream running up to her, my arms open ready to embrace her. “Weren’t you going to be out of town for another 2 weeks?”
“Never mind that. God girl what happened you look terrible?” She said her face gave me a concerned look.
“I can’t take it anymore,” I sob bursting into tears. “He is still drinking.”
Sam is the only person who ever noticed anything was wrong, she is the only one who listened and understood.
“Come stay with me for a while, you need a break.” In that moment that was the best thing she could have said. Things might not be over but for now I walked down the street with my best friends by my side and a smile on my face.



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